30-31 October, 2019


Our next high level event on freedom of religion or belief will take place in Singapore, 30-31 October 2019. In cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), this event will provide an opportunity for parliamentarians to hear from key international figures as to emerging trends, but also to promote models of best practice by hearing what parliamentarians are doing to champion religious freedom in various contexts whether that be in Asia, Africa, North & South America, Europe, Oceania or at the UN. The event is open to all IPPFoRB parliamentarians and those that support the Oslo Charter, our founding principles.

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The second day of the Conference is based on group discussions and activities. We will hold two sessions (9:30 -11:00 and 11:30-13:00) . Also note, the title of these working groups are subject to change but not the content.
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